Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I got...

... arrested at a party for underage drinking...

...awesome; there goes $700 which was headed towards a new bike for me..

..by the way, why is it that no one/shop can seem to help me with my bike? I mean shit, I've taken it to three shops, and when I tell them I'm looking for a half-link chain they're like, 
"what, like for a bmx bike?" 

"Nah man, my road bike, it's a fixed gear..."

"Oh why do you need that?" 

"Well, I'm riding this road conversion with regular drops and I need the adjustability."

"Hold on, regular drops? That seems impossible."

"Well, I have to say, it worked pretty well before.."

"What? You filed out the drops to allow for more adjustment? Man you should bring that in, actually, you should probably just get a new frame..."

"Uh, no thanks I'll check somewhere else"

It's ridiculous.. 

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