Thursday, April 30, 2009

PM Mix March

PM Mix March: "PM Mix March"

check it out


i havent been able to post recently due to an onslaught of school work.. i have to read this novel, Lancelot, within the week, then next week im writing a 6 page paper on it.. awesome

Thursday, April 23, 2009

hooookaa today, i went with my friends to king tut.. it's this hooka bar in charlotte.. the place is amazing...really; they have the best sweet tea around too. friday nights they have belly dancers they stroll around with their goddess jazz.......anyway, im out.. by the i saw a yellow ferrari...oh my god.. il post teh pixors later.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SE/DC track bike

...this is the prototype SE racing DC shoes Track bike found here.......this is the new track, it's beefy and can take the abuse that new riders dish out daily...i can't wait.


....I rode the Winthrop area in was a good time. I probably did 10-15 miles or so...but i'm sitting at work now..5.30 is me..later

today at school... going to suck odin's dick. i have a two to three page rough draft due this morning that i only have one page of complete...i have a french paper due second period that i think i'm just going to skip...but i think i will try to hide it all and just get up this morning... unfortunately though, doing that often creates as many problems as it fixes..anyways... i'm just looking forward to today's ride at winthrop. peace

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i'm listening to...

I'm listening to the new album by Cunninlynguists, Strange Journey. 
....I'm feeling it. found it here .... check it out.. I think i'll take it on my ride tomorrow.

...the first

so.. this is the first... was productive. I got my workout in, even though this was the first time i have worked out since february.. tomorrow I plan on riding Winthrop University... i'll try and get some pictures up..