Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I got...

... arrested at a party for underage drinking...

...awesome; there goes $700 which was headed towards a new bike for me..

..by the way, why is it that no one/shop can seem to help me with my bike? I mean shit, I've taken it to three shops, and when I tell them I'm looking for a half-link chain they're like, 
"what, like for a bmx bike?" 

"Nah man, my road bike, it's a fixed gear..."

"Oh why do you need that?" 

"Well, I'm riding this road conversion with regular drops and I need the adjustability."

"Hold on, regular drops? That seems impossible."

"Well, I have to say, it worked pretty well before.."

"What? You filed out the drops to allow for more adjustment? Man you should bring that in, actually, you should probably just get a new frame..."

"Uh, no thanks I'll check somewhere else"

It's ridiculous.. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


...I know it has been a while since I have put any new material up, frankly it is because my bike is out of order and has been for the past couple of weeks and it's got me feeling out of true...

At the end of last month's CM, one of the guys we rode with informed me that my chain seemed pretty loose. I hadn't really thought about it, but after his mentioning I did the measurements and it was definitely time for a new one. I figured, since I was currently running a 3/32 drivetrain and had been meaning to switch to an 1/8 for a while now, that I would go ahead and do it all at the same time... I decided to go with a half-link chain, Luther's suggestion, which I got from the shop on park, and I already had the 16t cog I was going to need, so all that was left was a new chainring; which I found at eighthinch.com, and I even got a new seat...but...

...Long story short, more than two weeks have gone by and I'm still waiting on parts while my bike is in pieces in my garage...I just don't know what to do with myself....


...well I hate to do the woe is me bit again, but yesterday my chainring came in. After its' installation I grabbed that new halflink chain which is made by Stolen Bike Co., a bmx company, and I thought it was pretty cool until I tried to put it on. Then came my realization that, due to a bmx bike's smaller wheels, it's chain stays are shorter which makes it only rational to have a chain that is shorter than a track chain, about four inches shorter to be exact...fml

Friday, June 12, 2009


...that SE/DC collaboration bike I was telling you guys about a couple weeks ago? Well it's back, I was checking the SEbikes website and they have the official release posted, along with the black colorway...

** DC is proud to introduce the PK Ripper Fixed Gear, the third installment in a series of limited edition bike projects from DC and SE Racing, all designed to embrace the heritage of the brand and the sport. A collector’s item, the PK Ripper Fixed Gear bike production will be limited to only 2,500 bikes worldwide.

The Fixed Gear collaboration mixes a touch of 1970’s bike nostalgia with modern bike performance features. Inspirations for the PK Ripper Fixed Gear bike‘s design aesthetic stem directly from the original DC x SE Racing PK Ripper collaboration. The new fixed gear bike design details are directly inspired from the classic PK Ripper BMX bike, complete with Floval tubing, Landing Gear fork and Looptail rear end. This blend of old school BMX and a modern fixed gear bike not only takes its cues from the PK Ripper BMX construction but also its colorways—Matte Black and Ball Burnished Silver.

DC and SE Racing first joined together in 2007 for their exclusive limited edition project “30 Years of Radness.” The project honored 30-plus years of BMX history, and DC and SE Racing celebrated with a re-release of the PK Ripper bike in its original aesthetic for an exclusive limited edition quantity. In 2008, DC and SE Racing joined forces once again with the release of the DC x SE Racing 24” Quadangle. The Quadangle, or the Quad Looptail as it was known, was a 1980’s freestyle classic, and for the second collaboration DC and SE Racing re-released the BMX bike in for the first time ever, in a 24” version the same classic frame.

The DC PK Ripper Fixed Gear bike’s Matte Black and Ball Burnished Silver colorways will both be limited to only 1,250 each worldwide. The bike will be available for $1,000 at select boutiques and specialty bike shops worldwide.**

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Swobo Folsome...

...is basically a hardcore cruiser kind of bike, 26" wheels, one gear, and a coaster brake.....looks fun right? 


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

...an hour late, but no dollars short

..So I didn't get started until an hour after the planned time..but when does anything bike related ever start on time? It was a pretty good ride, with only one close call with a car. Next time i would much rather have others with me because there is definitely safety in numbers...so maybe next time then? 

As it turns out, you have another chance to catch this ride...I am going out on it again in the morning around eleven a.m. with Ryan; if anyone else wants to join, meets us at the REI parking lot around that time...We're going to take the cut through from the mall to Pineville/Matthews road, then make a right onto it, after that, we will make the next right and head towards the greenway entrance on 521

let's go *ride

...I'm trying to go on a little short-notice ride..really short-notice....like two hours from now..

We're going to start at REI at 12:00pm, and from there on, it's follow the leader.... 

Get your bike, get your friends, and get your friends bikes....lets go on a ride..


Monday, June 1, 2009

...Im feeling a bike ride for tonight. Would anyone like to join me? southpark area?


hey guys, 

I've decided to part with my bike... My SCOTT speedster S40 is officially up for sale...

It has an 18 speed Tiagra Drivetrain

Scott Carbon Seatpost

Carbon Race Fork

Tiagra Levers and Brakes

(2) Alexrims B500

LOOK KeO pedals

A Sigma 1106 wireless computer

It is a 56

It has never been wrecked

The price is five hundred, with the pedals and computer...